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...the provider of the highest quality of Greek P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication ) extra virgin olive oil from the regions of Chania (island of Crete) and Laconia (Peloponnese).Perhaps you already know a lot about olive oil, but let us remind you what exactly extra virgin olive oil is.
  It is considered as the highest quality olive oil, least processed ,extracted without using heat ( Cold Extraction) or chemicals. This Cold Extraction process, protects the inherent quality of the olive and guarantees the natural taste and flavor .
Our extra virgin olive oil has low acidity, expressed as oleic acid (not more than 0.8%) and is untreated.
In fact, we pack our extra virgin olive-oil in dark glass bottles and tin cans in order to prevent break-down due to light exposure, keeping it fresh and bright and thus ensuring that it reaches you in excellent condition.

Taking a perfectionist view of our job, our goal is to provide and guarantee top quality extra virgin and organic olive oil with the finest organoleptic characteristics and highest quality specifications.